10 Reasons to Visit London in the Winter 

Carnaby Street Christmas Lights

The majority of people will want to visit London during the Spring and Summer months, but visiting London, England in the winter offers a unique experience and provides a different perspective on the city’s charm. Here are 10 reasons to visit London in the winter, that you should consider. 

#1 Lesser Crowds

   – While London is always a hub of activity, compared to peak tourist seasons, winter tends to be less crowded. You can explore popular attractions with more ease and enjoy a more intimate experience.  

#2 Cheaper Travel Costs 

– Depending on when you travel to London in the Winter you most likely will be able to find cheaper flight and hotel costs. London is an expensive place to visit so saving in other areas will keep your relative overall travel costs lower. 

#3 Christmas Lights 

   – London is beautifully decorated during December, with world renowned Christmas Lights on Regents Street, Oxford Street, Bond street, to name to just a few. One of the most beautiful areas is Covent Gardens, with its beautiful Christmas Trees, fake snow every hour and lovely decorations throughout the area. Overall, the festive lights, decorations, and Christmas markets create a magical atmosphere throughout the city.   

#4 Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

   – During December Hyde Park transforms into a Winter Wonderland, featuring an array of attractions such as an ice rink, festive markets, and thrilling rides. It’s a hub of holiday cheer and entertainment.

#5 Ice Skating

   – Experience the joy of ice skating against the backdrop of iconic landmarks, offering a delightful way to enjoy winter in the city.  One of the best is Somerset house!  We did this several years ago and absolutely fell in love with the location! 

#6 Weather

– This may seem like an odd addition but when you travel in the summer the weather can still remain incremental so you may be prepared for sun but the rain can most definitely be out. In the winter you know you will have bad weather and will be better prepared for it. Plus the summers can be hot, and traveling on the tube in hot weather can be unbearable.  

#7 Cozy Pubs

   – London’s historic pubs become even more inviting in winter. Enjoy traditional pub fare and warm beverages in a cozy, fireside setting.

#8 Theater and Cultural Events

   – London’s world-renowned theaters and cultural venues continue to offer a rich array of performances and events during the winter months. It’s an excellent time to catch a West End show or explore the city’s vibrant arts scene.

#9 Seasonal Cuisine

   – Indulge in seasonal delights and traditional winter comfort foods. Warm up with hearty British dishes in the city’s diverse range of restaurants and eateries.

#10 New Year’s Eve Celebrations

   – London hosts a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration, including fireworks along the Thames and festive events. It’s a memorable way to ring in the new year in a globally iconic city.

Bonus – Winter Sales

   – Boxing Day (Dec 26th) normally begins the Winter Sales with large discounts offered in most stores. If you are planning on shopping in London, taking advantage of post-holiday sales in London’s famous shopping districts can be a significant money saver! 

With these 10 reasons to visit London in the Winter, hopefully you can see that London is a year-round destination, and embracing the winter season allows you to witness the city’s festive spirit, enjoy unique activities, and experience a different side of its cultural richness. Whether you’re captivated by holiday lights or looking for cozy winter activities, London in the winter has much to offer.  We’ve often visited London in December and had some amazing experiences which will stay with us forever. I would urge you to think about visiting in the Winter. 

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