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Denise: Growing up, my parents never had the resources to take me anywhere. So, as  soon as I graduated from college, I grabbed a backpack and traveled to places near and far. The real travel bug bite came when I lived in Europe for 10 years! It was so easy to travel around the continent and that freedom to travel so freely fed my wanderlust so badly, my feet get itchy whenever I stay put in one place. 

Adrian: Growing up a trip was in a caravan to somewhere in England.  I didn’t fly on a plane until I was about 15, when we flew to Toronto to see family but since then I have been hooked.

What You Can Expect 

We will provide you with travel inspiration, share cultural experiences, give you ideas on when and where to visit bucket list destinations and uncover hidden gems. Along the way we will share travel tips and advice to make it easier for you to navigate once you get to your travel destination.  

Expect honest feedback as we navigate through travel destinations, accommodations, and experiences, as we provide an up-close and personal experience of each location. And, of course, join us as we indulge in our favorite aspect of traveling – Food Recommendations. From local street eats to hidden culinary gems.

If you have questions about our travels, what we did, how we did it, etc. please do not hesitate to reach out. Some of our best holiday adventures have been on the recommendations of others and we would love to share the insights we have learned with you.